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Local Businesses Are Accelerating Their Digital Media Adoption. Is Yours?

Businesses that use new technologies are reaping the rewards:
SMBs that embrace digital technology are three times more likely to experience revenue growth and two times more profitable than their less digital peers, according to a survey by Deloitte.

Despite the business challenges of COVID-19, local businesses looked to transform by adopting digital technologies and finding new ways to reach and serve customers in their local communities. Of the local businesses surveyed, 82 percent say they put some effort into improving their online presence.
Local businesses also turned to digital tools as a means of driving and facilitating commerce through digital channels.

Local businesses are fiercely competing both online and offline with one another and the large online competitors. Businesses need to adopt new technology and acquire assistance or skills to compete in the digital market place. RareMedia can be your partner to provide tools, expertise, and assistance to take your business to the next level in digital marketing.

Local businesses are launching and improving their websites

41 Percent Launched or improved websites since the pandemic

41% of respondents with websites report launching or significantly improving their sites since the start of the pandemic.

Local businesses are adopting new tools to compete online

72 Percent of businesses adopted new digital tools

72% of businesses surveyed adopted new digital tools since the start of the pandemic.



Local businesses are adding ecommerce or scheduling apps

62 percent

62% of businesses that report having ecommerce or scheduling software on their websites adopted the tools since the start of the pandemic.


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